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Frequently Asked Questions



Will it take me longer to feel the effect of tobacco using this?
No. A common misconception is that a faster burning smoke means more effect is absorbed by your lungs. Your lungs can only absorb a limited amount of chemicals at a time. What's not absorbed in a pull, is dispersed into the air and wasted on your exhale. This is why burning a joint only gets you around 37% effect. With The King Tobacco Enhancer, slow burning causes chemicals to be released at a pace that is consistent with your lung's capacity to absorb chemicals on a single pull.

How do I use The King Tobacco Enhancer?
Click here for video instructions.

Will this change the taste of my smoke?

How do I get The King Enhancer to last even longer?
Try applying the enhancer to half of your cigar wrap. Make sure you do not apply enhancer where the cigar wrap will overlap when rolling. Otherwise, your cigar will not stick when rolled. Also, apply enhancer to more than 50% of your tobacco. Be careful though, as too much enhancer can prevent your from lighting.

Can I use rolling papers instead of cigar leaf?
You can and you will also get a longer duration than you would typically get with rolling papers. However if you want the most out of your experience in terms of duration and quality, we suggest cigar leaf or The King Rolling Papers.

What will happen if I apply the enhancer to all my tobacco instead of 50%?
You will certainly get a longer smoke duration, but some of the enhancer can get in your mouth given the straw effect. Don't worry though, the ingredients in the tobacco enhancer are food-grade!

Can I apply this to my bowl smoke?
Yes. Just add a few drops on top of your tobacco and mix in the enhancer. Do not put too much tobacco enhancer, as that causes issues with lighting.

How moist should my tobacco be?
Your tobacco should be damp. Make sure to remove excess enhancer.

Why isn't my smoke lighting?
It's likely you applied too much enhancer. Try adding more tobacco to reduce moisture.

Why am I placing dry tobacco at the unlit end?
As you're pulling your smoke, enhancer from the moist tobacco will move toward the dry tobacco. The result is all of your tobacco being enhanced in quality and in duration.

Why isn't my Enhancer lasting an hour?
There are many different variables that can affect smoke duration for each smoke session. These variables include puff count, amount of tobacco packed, tobacco consistency, room temperature, etc. If there are little variable differences and your smoke isn't lasting an hour, apply enhancer to your cigar wrap and to more than 50% of your tobacco.

Can I put my smoke out and smoke it later once I apply enhancer?
You can certainly smoke it later without a problem. We don't expect anyone to actually smoke for an hour straight. But it's cool that with The King Enhancer you can split up your smoke sessions easily.



Do I have to tie The King Corn Husk Rolling Papers?
We highly recommend you use ties for your papers to avoid unfolding. Our rolling papers come with ties made of corn husk.


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